Contemporary Artwork by Marisa Avano

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“When creativity hits, paint doesn’t come out of its tube fast enough. When those moments come, I like to allow the viewer to experience a moment in time - uncluttered with detail. Whether it be a theme of beauty, an emotion, a moment, or the joy of colour itself.” Marisa Avano

Marisa has a unique way of transcribing what she sees and feels into her paintings. Her painterly style incorporates expressive brushwork and vivid colour. A combination that results in strong soulful works that interpret experiences of her environment.

Her painting, Doin’ the Loop – via Richmond, documents a way of life for Melbourne commuters via the city rail loop. The iron Richmond rail bridge is deliberately enlarged to represent the past and present industriousness of a working city. This cool structure contrasts the warmth of a dusky orange sky aaaaaaaaaa

nearing the end of another working week when most city workers gather for a mass exodus to the suburbs for a weekend retreat. The painting captures the transition between one moment to another – responsibility and freedom, and a common link to the city.

Born in Melbourne Australia, Marisa grew up in a family of artists, and has been exposed to art from an early age. She explores observations made during her travels around Australia and works from her studio in the Dandenong Ranges. Her work forms part of local and overseas private collections.

Doin' the Loop - via Richmond


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